Sweetcorn fritters

with lime avocado dressing

Curried parsnip soup

served with parsnip crisps

Trio of melon

with mixed berries

Wild mushroom risotto

served with fresh herbs

Roast tomato

stuffed with ratatouille

Vegetable shepherds pie

Roasted red peppers

filled with red onions, tomatoes, pimentos, cous cous and fresh basil

Roasted large or small mushrooms

filled with white onion, artichoke, parsley and vegan cheese risotto

Prima Vera

creamy risotto of spring onions, garlic, french beans, petit pois, broad beans, white wine and parsley

Moroccan cous cous

with turmeric, sultanas, dates barberries, coriander and caramelised red onions

Sweet potatoes

filled with roasted carrots, cauliflower, sweet potato and chives

New potatoes

filled with fresh herbs and beetroot


filled with creamed spinach and almond milk with toasted almonds

Roasted red vegetable lasagna

with soya milk and vegan cheese

Roasted chickpea curry

with butternut squash, coconut milk and fresh coriander


Trio of homemade sorbets

Fresh fruit salad

Stuffed apple crumble

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