Desserts are available either in a mini trio of puddings served on our rectangular plates encircled with fresh fruit coulis and mint, or canapés style desserts served on three tiered platters, or in a traditional way.


White and Dark Chocolate | Vanilla | Raspberry | Lemon | Lime | Blackberry


Lemon | Mango | Raspberry | Red Currant | Strawberry | Toffee | Baileys | Amaretto and Vanilla


Chocolate | Butterscotch | Lemon | Apple | Paspberry | Banoffi and Treacle


Summer | Winter | Christmas | Sticky Toffee | Chocolate | Raspberry and Pear

Panna Cottas

Vanilla | Coffee | Chocolate | Butterscotch and Almond


White and Dark Chocolate | Coffee and Toffee

Crème brulees

Vanilla | Coffee and Baileys

Fruit Crumbles and Pies

Apple and Blackberry | Rhubarb and Raspberry | Elderflower and Plum | Damson and Pear

Fresh Fruit Salads

Tiramisu made with Coffee and Brandy

Caramelized Oranges

Poached Pears in Red Wine

Brandy Snap baskets with Ice Cream

Double chocolate brownies

with a warm chocolate ganache


with Chantilly cream and fresh fruit

Traditional selection of sweets

served with Creme Anglaise, Vanilla or Salted Caramel Custard, Chantilly Cream, Pouring Cream, Ice Cream, Creme Fraiche or Fruit Coulis.

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Dessert Selection